Technology Solutions

Opitmize your business

We have developed software solutions focusing on the needs of our clients, our software solutions are developed using latest technologies and frameworks helping our clients to further customize it as per their needs, select from our readily available solutions or get in touch with us to get a customized software solution for your business.


We study and use diverse Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques that suits client’s requirement and develop relevant algorithms and statistical models that are used to perform a specific task without using explicit instructions, instead relying on patterns those are matched and knowledge inferences through data modelling and training data set and will be tested on given input specific data records as part of application validation and verification, Examples: Predict Employee Retention, Predict Loan Sanction, Predict Grave and Heart Diseases etc.

Selenium Automation

We develop applications for diverse automation needs that suits our clients in browser tasks, Web page navigation, perform action in Web Page, anticipate browser response in action, run and record tests, we integrate Selenium automation with other industrial applications based on customer requirements.


At Minds NXT we develop secure web-based business applications that reduce 60% of your operational costs via dynamic, robust, scalable and innovative Web and Desktop Applications. At Minds NXT you can hire top digital talent Python developers having experience in Python, Flask, Web2Py and Django frameworks.

Data Science & Visualization

We amalgamate Machine Learning, Statistics, and Data Mining Techniques to study and comprehend business analyse actual phenomena and develop, test and integrate applications that suits our client requirements in Fraud and Risk Detection, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Internet Search, Targeted Advertising, Website Recommendations, Image Recognition, Object Tracking, Manufacturing, Route Planning and Retail Management, etc.

Big Data & Hadoop

We use Big Data Hadoop echo system and visualization techniques to develop analytics applications in various business sectors such as Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics, Power & Energy, News & Media, Agriculture, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Marketing, Stocks, Healthcare, etc.

Java & Enterprise Java

We use Java programming language as platform for robust, object-oriented and secure Web, Desktop and Enterprise Application Development using diverse frameworks. At Minds NXT we develop Embedded System, Smart Card, Robotics and IoTs application.

Cloud Development and Service Management

We study, plan, compare and propose cost effective pricing models, cloud migration services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), Pay-as-you-go cloud computing delivery models (Public, Private, Hybrid) and usage requirements that suits our client’s business operations and latest available Cloud vendor’s platforms such as AWS, AZURE, and GCP, etc.

Prediction Forecasting

We develop and integrate applications for diverse Prediction and Forecasting needs that suits our customer requirements, we use various platforms, languages and AI/ML techniques based on feasibility study and data integration, data modelling and result test set requirements.


We use various Robotics platforms, sensors, motors, actuators, programming languages and frameworks to develop Robotics applications. We test and deploy robotics applications such as mobile robots, image and object tracking navigation, pick and place robots, and other industrial robotics process automation applications.


We use various IoTs platforms, sensors and Cloud services to develop innovative IoT applications and projects such as Smart Home, Smart Retail, Smart Parking, Smart City, Smart Wearable’s and we customize IoTs and integrates projects based on customer requirement.

Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding

We use third party Geocoding APIs to develop, test and deploy applications for localization, object tracking, mobile navigation, logistics, cargo and transportation and customize Geocoding to integrate with other industrial applications.

Web Scraping

We develop Web Scraping Applications that suits diverse requirements of our clients such as Marketing and Lead Generation, Market Analysis, Price Comparison, Competition Monitoring, collecting training and testing data set for Machine Learning, we integrate Web Scraping with other industrial applications based on customer requirements.

Digital Marketing & Affiliate Marketing

We study, strategize our customer’s marketing requirement, plan and promote using diverse digital channels and ensure business enhancement and customer segmentation relevant to marketing: such as age, gender, interests and spending habits and empower business revenue and profit generation.

MATLAB Application and Integration

We develop applications and deploy add-ins using the MATLAB Runtime, which can be packaged with the application during installation. We study, plan, develop, test, integrate MATLAB and deploy applications that suits client’s requirement in: Curve Fitting, Signal Processing, Big Data Map Reduce, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Statistics, Text Analysis, etc.

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