Banavo.Ai eCommerce Marketing and Sales CoPilots augments your teams to spot latest market trends and engage the right customers with personalized experiences to boost conversion rates. Our CoPilots are here to help you take your eCommerce business to the next level

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DigtialEx’s Hybrid cloud FinOps and Governance platform provides you with FinOps and Governance capabilities deploy and manage cloud services for your customers. DigitalEx’s powerful discovery, visibility and AI powered optimization capabilities enable you to control cloud usage, spend and performance for your clients on prem and cloud app and infra portfolio from a single hybrid control plane. DigitalEx will maximize your ability to rapidly close new business and expand existing cloud business.

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Genesilico is to empower oncologists, researchers and clinicians with a next-generation real-world evidence platform and AI-driven precision medicine applications based on complete mRNA and DNA genetic interpretation. Genesilico goal is to enable the identification of patient-specific prognostic and predictive biomarkers along with best fit targeted therapies to attack cancer cells while allowing normal cells to perform their regular functions.

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Gestalt Technologies

Gestalt lets you pull all of your medical records together and view them in one place.Gestalt Technologies goal is to provide solutions to moms, who are stressed out by their child’s health conditions. Give them clear interpretations and explanations of the child’s conditions and results.Deals with multiple providers, doctors, therapies, treatments and medicines.


RevSprint is the modern Deal Desk platform with a simple mission: enable businesses to build a scalable Deal Desk operation that helps their sales organizations close more deals faster, unify branding, reduce contract errors, and provide a centralized agreement repository. RevSprint aims to maximize their revenue potential by streamlining and aligning sales, marketing, and post-sales in both the front and back-end

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